I’m an oldschool PC game connosieur (started in the late 80s) and I’ve played quite a lot of obscure and mainstream games over the years.  Recently, I started getting into tabletop gaming – card and board (for now?).  My tabletop game collection is also posted.

I also enjoy movies – probably somewhat beyond the average person – in quantity and obscurity.  It’s a little sad that I haven’t kept track, but I’ve seen probably over a thousand movies in the last ~10 years, and counting.  It’s slowed down quite a bit recently, but I still have a breadth of viewing experience from indie to commercial cinema.

I (used to) play a lot of games like Supreme Commander 2 and Natural Selection 2. My skill is not really on an highly competitive level, but I can “rub shoulders” with very experienced players, so I thought I’d share my thoughts.

As far as the “Supreme Commander 2 Cheater Database,” some shit stains decided that it’s a great idea to keep ruining games in SupCom2 a while ago, so I thought I would record and expose them.  The replays don’t work anymore, unless you find a way to run the relevant versions of Supreme Commander for the replays, so I guess you’ll have to take my word for it.

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