NARCOSE from Les films engloutis

Madeo (Mother) (2009)

“Mother” was a methodical and fulfilling experience.  I usually don’t read synopses before seeing movies as it kind of ruins the experience for me, but I couldn’t resist checking what the hell kind of a movie this is with a title of “mother” and looking like some cheap Asian family/drama movie, which had good reviews, and was also rated R for violence, among other things.  What I read sounded boring as hell.

Admittedly, the movie moved slower in some parts than I would’ve liked, but after seeing it I am in agreement with most others who simply loved it.

It’s a superbly acted, superbly scripted, thriller/drama with some really interesting twists and turns along the way.  The actors were all perfectly cast, and especially the performances of the two leads (the son/mother) were just extraordinary.  It is not often that I would say that I actually loved a movie about, essentially, some mother out to save her mentally handicapped son from “trouble,” but I did love this one.

The film is a powerful emotional journey, expertly presented from different perspectives through superbly acted and cast characters – with a dash of “hard reality” – including some violence/sex scenes – where the R rating comes in.

Like I mentioned, perhaps I wanted it to be a bit faster in a few places, but if you appreciate the subtleties and build-up of a good story and have the patience for some drama, I think you will absolutely love this.

Piranha (2010)

This one delivered as advertised.

What can you expect from a movie called “Piranha 3D” with a stereotypical poster and shades of a sequel/remake, except nudity, killer piranhas, and a generous dose of blood and gore?

Formulaic as the movie may be, and in spite of the lame-ass bullshit story which attempts to make this movie somewhat “realistic” (heh…), it was nevertheless enjoyable for me personally.

Hell, the “story” did suck balls, but I was here to see gore and tits.  Good old sex and violence.  And boy, was there some!  The gore was often delivered in ridiculous, off-the wall situations, which made me amused rather than grossed out or disturbed.  A couple of scenes were memorable.  One included horribly bad acting, and the other was just…  Well, I won’t spoil anything, but if you see the movie you’ll know what I mean.

Yes, it was an extremely shallow movie, with generally stupid script, fairly mediocre acting (in fact, I was cheering and hoping for some of the characters to get eaten 🙂 ), tits, blood, body parts, and killer fish.  But it was executed well, I liked the cinematography, and it generally worked for me.  It’s not going to win any Oscars, but hey – it’s fun to watch crap like this sometimes.

Kaboom (2010)

I was somewhat disappointed by this one.  My expectations were set for somewhat of a fun teen movie with plenty of promiscuity.

It was promiscuous, alright. There are lots of nude scenes involving Thomas Dekker and Juno Temple, and also pretty much everyone else in the movie.  It wasn’t only straight sex either – as Thomas Dekker plays a bisexual college student with a bi female “best friend.”

Hotness and Juno Temple’s tits aside though, I thought the movie offered little else.  While there were a few scenes which tried to give this aimless movie some direction, in the end there was little semblance of a “plot” really.

Maybe that was the point: that the characters’ lives were just a bunch of fucking…  but then the question becomes “so what?”  There was no emotional impact, nothing interesting here for me.

If you’re looking for something with substantial or entertaining, you’d do well to pass this one by.  If you’re into Juno Temple, there are some nude scenes in here… and perhaps Thomas Dekker will appeal to women.  Just don’t expect anything more.

Ondskan (Evil) (2003)

Ondskan (Evil) is a “coming of age” drama with a dash of violence.  It is a depiction of a specific societal “layer” (affluent boys at a boarding school) at a specific time (mid-20th century) in a specific place (Europe).  Doesn’t exactly sound interesting, but it is.

Under the surface, there is plenty of commentary in this movie about family, society, traditions, and other issues. Personally, I even saw religious overtones in it. I’m not going to spoil anything for you, but suffice it to say there is plenty of content to get your brain going for a while – even long after the movie has finished.

This is not a pure, “slow” social drama though;  the movie unfolds and moves along at an entertaining and engaging pace.  Well cast and acted, it will likely appeal to a somewhat younger and perhaps mostly male audience.

If you’re in the right mood for a cerebral drama with a dash of violence, don’t hesitate to check this out.  You won’t regret it.