Supreme Commander 2 Cheater Database

I’ve personally witnessed these cheaters, recorded these replays, and matched them with the steamIDs.  It should be obvious to any semi-experienced player that they are RP cheating after viewing the attached replays.  I only record the BLATANTLY obvious cheaters where the evidence is undeniable.  All the recorded games are in non-all-research-unlocked mode.

Some of them change their names often, but they can’t change their steamIDs without making new accounts and repurchasing the game 😉 .

I hope you can use this service for your benefit in the absence of VAC.  I am going to try to update this as soon as I see new cheaters, but I am NOT going to be accepting any replay contributions due to the inability of seeing the steamID from them and the ability to impersonate names.  It’s too easy to impersonate without me being able to personally match profiles after the game, and I don’t trust anyone else with that to maintain the integrity of this database.

The best you can do to discourage shit stains like these from cheating is to never play with them.  A cheater-free game is the best game 🙂 .

SteamID32 SteamID64 Version Replay Comments
STEAM_0:0:52012295 76561198064290318  1.250 Download  Often goes by “pcube,” “Panda Cube” or variations.  Often seen playing together with 76561197976602183.
STEAM_0:1:8168227 76561197976602183  1.250 Download  Often goes by “Casey,” “Vice President” or variations.  Often seen playing together with 76561198064290318.
STEAM_0:1:15807699 76561197991881127  1.250 Download
STEAM_0:1:18099033 76561197996463795  1.250 Download
STEAM_0:0:59318151 76561198078902030  1.260 Download


  1. Evanescence says:

    HeatSurge caught Research Point hacking in SC2. Pathetic.

    Casey recently played against HeatSurge and caught him in the act of research point hacking. HeatSurge got upset and decided to make a couple mock up replays of us supposedly hacking in one of his childish fits.

    This guy is total garbage. Check out the replay of him showing off his mastery of being bullshit here:

    Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:13450062

    • HeatSurge says:

      I haven’t checked that, but it’s likely an impersonated replay. You and your cock-teasing piece of rank cunt “friend” know what to do – I’ve already given you instructions 😉 .

  2. Rubber Ducky says:

    OMG. Heatsyrge is the biggest joke. You are accusing 4 poeple of cheating. You know the saying “it takes one to know one”.

    Also, Heatsurge. You do know all this info can be track right back to you and if anyone of those players are under age and live in a state where cyber bullying is outlawed! You can be braught into court, charged and fined.

    Also, you suck at web design! Really suck bad!

    • HeatSurge says:

      My nickname is HeatSurge. Learn it well.

      I am not accusing 4 people of cheating. I am exposing 4 cheaters with confirmed replays and personally matched steamIDs. There is nothing accusatory about this. The word “accuse” implies no evidence. This is not an accusation, this is more akin to a verdict based on objective, indisputable facts. If you doubt they’re cheating, you can personally download and view the replays. The upgrade effects are obvious even without using the “view research” mod from the official supcom2 forums, the timing of which is impossible without a cheat on the replays posted. By the way, this is only the beginning. As I mentioned, this page will be updated with confirmed replays and steamIDs of cheaters as I personally encounter them in-game.

      I also don’t know that saying, because I simply don’t care about sayings. I also don’t see if there’s a saying like that how it’d be relevant and why I should care.

      I am not hiding from the law. Suggesting that is, frankly, ridiculous to the point of hilarity. I’m also not aware of any illegality stemming from this practice. VAC and PunkBuster are similar services which simply provide information about cheaters, which is the purpose of this page. Bullying might be a side effect from those services and this page, which while I would personally find desirable and even pleasurable to observe, is not of my concern. After all, I feel like cheaters deserve the denial of service they always get sooner or later.

      Thanks for the “constructive” feedback about the design of the web page. I’m not really an expert, but I kind of like it a lot actually 😉 . It’s probably not going to be changed, so you should probably get used to it or leave.

      P.S. You mad br3h?

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